About us

Dawlish in Devon, England home of the Black SwanTall Amy Bags is based in Dawlish in South Devon a seaside town popular with tourists and locals alike.

It is solely owned and run by me, Beck! I’m a forty something former finance professional and have been married to my long suffering husband for 20 years. We have a young son who attends a local village school, which has given me the opportunity to follow my dream.

In this time of recession I have found myself having to make all sorts of cutbacks. More often than not the nice, pleasurable things are the ones that disappear. Creating my bags gives me a lot of pleasure, which I hope we can share as you enjoy a Tall Amy Bag!

Tall Amy Bags logoWhy call us Tall Amy Bags?

A vision appeared to my husband one night many years ago. Was it an epiphany – no, it was a dream inspired by a cartoon, one of his three sisters and probably some strong cheese eaten too close to bedtime! The culmination was our knobbly-kneed friend. The name followed soon, after all she was tall and she looked like an Amy. This was how Tall Amy joined the family!


The Story Behind the Brand

Becky Tallamy, creator of Tall Amy Bags creating another family memberI was taught the basics of sewing as a child, but from the age of five or six when my Granny showed me how to ‘knit one, purl one’ I was always a knitter, or a ‘Nit’ as my mum called me. Now ‘always a knitter’ is definitely past tense thanks to being introduced to the wonderful world of bag making in the early part of 2012.

For the past couple of years a few close friends and I have got together every few weeks for a craft session which is an excuse for a bloke and child free coffee but also to get on with our dusty and almost forgotten craft projects.

I must admit I usually take my knitting along as it is a good failsafe but one of the girls is good at finding quick and fun projects, which encourages us to try our hand at something new. We’ve tried willow weaving and mosaic making both of which were extremely enjoyable but not something that would necessarily turn my head from my yarns.

Sew by Cath Kidston - inspiration for Tall Amy BagsOne night another of the girls brought out a copy of Cath Kidston’s book Sew! which comes with all the makings for a small shoulder bag. I had a cursory flick through the pages but didn’t really think too much of it until I came to the instructions for making the bag, I actually understood them!

In fact I got really excited especially when I found that the material was pre-cut so all I had to do was sew the seams, do a bit of turning out and hand-sew some buttons. ‘I can do this’ I thought. So, after a good deal of hinting my husband bought me the book, located my practically unused 15-year-old sewing machine and encouraged me to stitch away.

Fortunately, Cath’s instructions were really clear and Hey Presto! my first bag was born. I say born because each of my bag styles has been given a name, have a look under the Family Tree to find out why.