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A fresh, new page!

When I was at school (yes, despite the grey hair I can remember that far back!) I always loved starting a new workbook. Opening the cover and making a new crease at the spine was something of a guilty pleasure for primary school me. That first, smooth page completely free of indentation meant my writing had to be perfect, no mistakes could be made coz the smudges made by a rubber would taint the whole book. The care and love that I put into that initial sheet was soon forgotten as I turned over but that didn’t matter because the first page was perfection. I know, I know you’re wondering why on earth I am waffling on about something that happened nearly the ‘meaning of life’ years ago (geddit Douglas Adams fans?) well there is a good reason. I have been inspired to start a fresh, new page with my blog! What is the cause of this rush of blood to my head? One thing I can say is that it was something healthy, or rather it was Organic. Last night my close buddy and I went to the city, yep we actually went out to do something grown up. Our destination? A fantastic networking and information session for bloggers hosted by the Organic Agency in Exeter offering the chance to meet, share and be made aware [of stuff] that bloggers do and don’t choose to do or do and don’t need to do. At first I was more than a little overawed inasmuch as I realised that I know diddly squat about blogging. Contracts, sponsored posts, editorial freedom and trolling were words that cropped up (trolling! I thought that was playing with those crazy haired mini doll thingeys). My perceived inadequacy made me want to run for the hills (or the loo anyway, after all I had drunk two glasses of elderflower presse) BUT……I didn’t and boy am I glad. I listened to the tecchie guy, the marketing guy and then (bows head reverently) to none other than the Unmumsy Mum herself! They shared their experiences and knowledge and I began to realise that they are already quite a way down their Blogging Road whilst I am still checking I’ve turned the gas off , shut the kitchen window and made sure I’ve got the car keys in my hand rather than a set of measuring spoons. We also had
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