Hands Up if You Remember Record Breakers!

I do, especially Roy Castle signing the theme song ‘Dedication’. Has that transported you back to after school telly munching a ‘Topic’ bar or even a ‘Lovely’ pud? If it has think of the tune, and then sing (or if you’re tone deaf like me think-sing) the following:  ‘Renovation, renovation, renovation, that’s what it needs. If you wanna be the best, if you want to treat the rest, th~en renovation’s what it needs!’

That’s the mantra that was going through my mind every morning last week. Why? Well, I’m pleased to announce that Tall Amy is the fully signed up key-holder of The Studio, 1 Imperial House, Shutterton Estate, Dawlish! And, as such cleaning, painting and sorting dominated my ‘To Do’ list for the week with aching and sleeping following close behind.

The result? A freshly decorated work space (complete with newly delivered furniture) which is awaiting the craftsman carpentry skills of Alex. He is the wonder artisan who interprets my musings, gabblings and terrible sketchings to successfully create reality from my imaginings!

Once my purpose built cutting bench and fabric storage areas are in perfect place you’d expect the studio to be complete. My husband certainly does and I do too (in a naive minute or so), but in reality it has to be ‘No! You see, since I’ve been busy I’ve had lots more ideas and plans to make this a fabulous place to work and share skills in. Will it ever be finished I’m starting to ask myself? ‘Yes’ is the firm answer followed closely by ‘in the same way as the Forth Bridge is!’  Good eh!

Enjoy the next few days and be safe while you do! B x


Image courtesy of Idea Go at FreeDigitalPhotos.net