Happy St David’s Day!!!

Being one eighth Welsh I am pleased to wish everyone a happy day today, I just wish I could add ‘sunny’ to that but I can’t – the weather here in Devon is definitely soggy!

Yesterday, February 29 2016 was a bonus day, an extra 24 hours to use wisely. So many people I spoke to did something special to make the most of the day, but I have to admit I didn’t. I went to work and had a normal day doing normal things. For me normal is good, normal works, it keeps me steady so I have no regrets about not having a special day.

Today, 1 March is another thing, today is going to be special. I’m meeting a special friend for a long overdue catch up, I’m seeing another special friend to run our after school Art Club making things for special Mum’s this weekend and then I’m spending the evening with the two special men in my life.

Come to think of it, is today special? No, it’s normal ! Wow, I must count my blessings coz every normal day is a special one for me. I’m a VERY lucky girl!

Take care until my next rambling, B x


Image courtesy of James Barker at FreeDigitalPhotos.net