I am Buzzing!

My weekend was fabulous, full of sewing and fun which isn’t always the combination that ends my week!

Saturday morning’s creativity with Sally was lovely and I look forward to another ‘trade off’ soon. Between the copious cups of tea, biscuits and teacakes we produced two beautifully covered notebooks and one bejeweled insect. Unfortunately, my photo does not do justice to the sheer majesty of my beady bee.

It’s amazing what some wire, coloured beads and a bit of time can result in. And, yes this bug has bitten me! My next attempt will be a delightful, miniature gecko so watch this space for a pic!

The fun part was courtesy of my six year old who, amongst other activities managed a staggering 15 mile bike ride with his dad yesterday. Where was I? I was in the car listening to music and hand-sewing some Valentine favours whilst waiting for the pub to open so that I could enjoy my needlework alongside a yummy latte. Silly me though, I didn’t factor in Sunday opening times so my eagerly awaiting 11 o’clock turned into counting the minutes to midday.

My heart leapt as the numbers changed from 11:59 and just as I was about to blaze a trail to the door the blue rinse brigade appeared as if from nowhere filling the expanse of tarmac, carpet and polished wood between me and my coffee which rapidly became a dim image on the disappearing horizon. Heigh ho, I guess I didn’t need the caffeine!

Actually, mentioning coffee has give me an idea so I’m off to put the kettle on. Cheers for now, B x