Isn’t Life Funny

My mum always told me that time would move more quickly the older I got and I’m discovering that she was quite correct. It seems like just a blink of an eye since Christmas but thankfully the grey months from the start of 2015 have been spirited away and replaced by sunny, chilly mornings which turn into almost balmy afternoons (if you’re out of the wind that is!). My studio is bathed in light all day and I feel very lucky!

In fact, good fortune has been knocking at the Tall Amy door this month. Orders are flowing in, my design mojo is doing it’s ‘thang’ and plans for more workshops and dressmaking courses are afoot PLUS a website update is planned to ensure that all new lines and fabrics are on full view.

In the meantime though, I will try to be less neglectful of those of you that follow my random wittering. Keep your eyes peeled coz you just don’t know what is around the corner! Take care, B x