It’s been far too long…

… since I have blogged. Circumstances (some good, some bad) have managed to bring chaos to my life in recent months. Why? Because there’s not been a calm in the maelstrom to help to settle things down!

Sewing is my calm, not the day to day ‘normal’ stuff, it’s the other type that really helps to level me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all forms of sewing its just that free design is my ‘thang’. To take a flat piece of fabric, make a few cuts and stitches here and there to produce a 3-D creation is cathartic and justifying which, for me, brings calm.

Last Friday I was in my workroom just finishing a cuppa mid commission when I decided to clear the decks, I even hoovered and polished! I felt really excited and set to with my pencil and tape measure.

Frantic scribblings were closely followed by me grabbing some scrap lining fabric, wadding, a zip and some bias binding. Next I was threading up my sewing machine. Snip, Snip, pin, whizz – I didn’t stop for a breather – whizz, snip, flip and………..relax – I was finished!!!!!!!

The result? A curvy, padded make up bag. Was it perfect? Of course not, it was a first ‘draft’ but I felt good, really good, in fact it was like the calm after a storm.

I’ve not felt that good for ages. I then realised I’ve not been allowing myself design timeMy ideas haven’t been downloading, they’ve just kept whizzing round my head and, as many of my close friends know, my brain has limitations so things have been getting a bit crowded in there!

New Year’s resolutions are something I don’t make purely for the fact that I don’t see the point coz they always get broken. So this year I’ve decided to make a ‘Calm’ Me resolution – I WILL do more designing and because it’s not a New Year one I’m quietly confident it will remain intact!

Until next time, Take Care, B x



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