Putting it Off!

I’m procrastinating and finding all sorts of things to do instead of what I should be tackling today. I know it’s got to be done, but I don’t ever look forward to it, enjoy it or, despite what my husband says, feel better after it.

What can have got me in such a bother on a Monday I hear you cry – well, and believe me this is a BIG confession – I have an untidy, overflowing scrap material box! There, I’ve said it but do I feel empowered by my honesty? No, in fact it’s the opposite, that sinking feeling of the inevitable.

Over the weekend I made good in roads with the fabric ‘bolting’ but today I’m actually going to sort the bits that can go to other good homes, be it the local Scrap Store or (please whisper this next bit) the b – i – n. Condensing my ‘ooh, I can use that to make a….’ stash means I will almost be ready to move out of my home workroom to my new (to me anyway) Studio, which is 5 minutes down the road. I know should be celebrating the extra space to help me organise, and don’t get me wrong I will do but for now, just for a bit I’ll be mourning the evening projects plans that have evolved from the scraps that have happily nestled in my box.

It’s no good I cannot put it off anymore so here goes. See you on the other side! B x


 Image Courtesy of Keerati @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net