Something for the Weekend

My tidying/sorting and condensing duties are nearly complete and I’m feeling virtuous!

Saying ‘Goodbye’ this week to a whole black sack full of scraps (which are being re-homed) proved emotional so its time for a treat methinks. But, what can I do that won’t cause me to create replacement scraps so soon, after all I must consider my former workroom companions feelings!

Think Beck, think….got it!!! I’m spending Saturday morning with Sally, a lovely lady who is talented in all areas of art & craft. She has sewn the most wonderful Union Jack in cross stitch and used it to front a passport case, but it seems a tad bulky. We’re going to adjust it to make it a much envied, more slimline accessory and by way of a skills trade she is going to show me how to make a bumble bee with beads.

Am I safe to be let loose with a new craft? Frankly it is a big, fat NO, but I’m the queen of justification so I’m looking at this as a way to accessorize my Tall Amy creations in the future. Convinced? Me neither!

Whatever you’re up to over the weekend, enjoy and be safe, B x

Image courtesy of Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot at