That Friday Feeling!

It seems to have been a long week and I am itching for the weekend to start. I’m blaming my malaise on the weather, although its actually quite sunny this morning. It certainly makes a change from the grey drizzle and wind that has been hugging the house for the last few days. I’ve really been in need of colour and brightness, hence the picture today, which I find satisfyingly uplifting!

Paint is on my mind as well though as I will be starting to put my mark on Tall Amy’s new studio next week. Are bold colours, striking design and innovative use of materials in the mix? Most definitely…….NOT! Don’t get me wrong I love a decoration statement as much as the next girl, but I just don’t think I could work amidst a messy pallette. My work space will be light and calming – actually, white with a feature area of Tall Amy pink, I reckon I’ll let the fabrics give the anarchic tone to the room!

Right, back to my machine – not really, I’m off to meet a colleague for a coffee to discuss some project ideas so its more of ‘work with benefits’!

Have a fab weekend, be safe and enjoy! B x


Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at