The Search for Inspiration…

… is an eternal one, with a few light bulb moments on the way. That’s my definition anyway as its something that doesn’t come easily for me. Oh how I envy those seemingly smug crafters who are always positively brimming over with ideas and fab new projects. Don’t get me wrong, I am always able to design and make a bag from even the sketchiest of briefs (verbal not wearable!) or any other item that Tall Amy is known for, its the small, pretty and daintily embroidered makes that I always struggle with.

The reality is though (and I have this on good authority) that SSC’s put in lots of research time i.e. looking at media and books, other people’s creations as well as life around them. I thought about this over the weekend, had a peek at my latest sewing mag, watched TGBSB Class of 2014 and, after wiping the condensation off the window peered out into the world. Oh Joy!, I had an epiphany and realised that after all this time I can come up with an idea of something to sew on a Sunday afternoon in front of the fire. A couple of hours and sore fingertips later I had a clutch of beady brooches to show for my efforts.

Thinking about it, the skills that a sewer uses; the stitches and techniques aren’t infinite. Next time I look at something that is not Tall Amy made I will log it’s construction and ‘beautification’ in my database for use perhaps at a later date. After all, if you put your own spin on something it’s not pinching an idea it utilising the limited technical resources available. If a fellow crafter sees something in the make up of one of my items that they want to incorporate into one of theirs it’s a form of flattery isn’t it and I’m all for a bit of that!

Take Care and be safe, B x