Those Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer…

… are eluding me just now because when the sun comes out (or rather if it comes out) so does school, which means I have the company of my seven year old for six weeks.

Now, don’t get me wrong it is wonderful to share those memory making times – the trips to the beach dipping toes into the surf, playing in grassy poppy filled fields and licking ice creams – unfortunately, that’s not my reality. Try forgetting the jumper/raincoat and getting stuck in a sudden shower which, far from being refreshing chills to the bone or imagine being attacked by a tenacious wasp as you tuck into the only sandwich that wasn’t completely trampled into the sand. Got it? You Have? Welcome to my summer!

I really must try to up my game and think positive after all we are three weeks in to the holidays so essentially the new school year is fast approaching. The end of August will bring the trip to the shoe shop (and the ensuing heart attack when presented with the bill), the arguments about trying on the uniform bought post a mega growth spurt in the last week of term only to find another one has just occurred (closely followed by a trip to the uniform shop) and the obligatory tearful trip (and that’s just me) to the hairdressers in preparation for the start of year photos.

The first day of term will arrive and I will waive my pride and joy off at the school gate and come home to quiet and order. That’s just what the doctor ordered – isn’t it? Hmmm, just thinking of that makes me feel sad – my baby is starting a new school year, he will be closer to leaving the protection of his primary school ergo closer to leaving school and [sniff] home…

Oh dear, reality check – time is precious, every minute should count. What to do? I know – sandy sarnies in the drizzle chasing that darned wasp is DEFINITELY the order of the day!

Enjoy your summer everyone and stay safe – I’ll be back in September!!!!!!! B x


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